Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Matt Douglas is very talented

For my long-time blog readers, you know that this site used to be A few years ago, I switched the blog to On my old site, I used to keep a tally of how many Matt Douglases contacted me. I think I was up to 47 before I switched the blog's name. Anyway, I was very happy this morning to get an email from a Matt Douglas I had never heard from before. And it turns out, this guy is pretty damn talented....

Hey Matt Douglas,
This is Matt Douglas. I was searching through google to see how my portfolio site was coming up and I found your site listed next to mine ( . I think it's pretty cool you get contacted by other Matt Douglas'. Hope all is well! Best Regards, Matt Douglas

Nice to meet you, Matt Douglas. I checked out your portfolio, and it's quite impressive.

What Matt D. might not know is that I'm a CEO of a Internet startup called MyPunchbowl (oohh.. this is a good test of how much awareness we have out there... has Matt Douglas ever heard of MyPunchbowl???) Anyway, I have a team of about ten people outside of Boston, and we spend a lot of time designing and developing user interface. Your portfolio looks like you're up on the latest Web technologies (nice use of lightboxes). We're develop in Ruby on Rails, and spend a lot of time designing themes and templates for the site.

Perhaps Matt Douglas wants to do some contracting with Matt Douglas? Wow, that might be confusing. Can't wait to see his response...

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Matt Douglas said...

Thanks for the great comments Matt! I heard about mypunchbowl maybe about a year ago. I had no idea that it was your site.

I really like the idea of mypunchbowl. I love internet start-ups like yours. I have a few ideas myself that I have been tinkering with but nothing is up and running yet.

I would be highly interested in doing some contract work for you whenever you have it available!

Thanks for the offer and the response to my email.

Best Regards,
Matt Douglas