Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby time....

Fluid level low.... this baby is cooked!

More news when we have it.


Joyce said...

I was supposed to hear from Jess by text (here at work) if she was sent home after the U/S and never did. I figured I'd checked here to confirm my suspicions and I was right. Can't wait to hear the wonderful news.


Joyce said...

We are all so excited for the both of you. This is awesome news. Kathryn guessed that it would be a girl and I guessed the weight would be in the 6 lb. range (even though my co-workers said "no way it'll be 8 lbs." We all love the name. It's very original and she is absolutely beautiful. I'm glad it's all over and now you can enjoy. Congratulations. Can't wait to meet Maya Juliet.