Friday, November 27, 2009

No returns allowed

One moment I'll never forget: after Maya was taken up to the nursery at around 4:00am, it was my job to retrieve her and bring her back to the recovery room to be reunited with Jess. So off I went to the nursery to get Maya at around 5:00am. When I arrived, one of the staff was just entering the nursery, so they let me in. I told them I was there to pick up Maya, and they checked my bracelet to make sure it matched. They asked me a few standard questions (for example, is there any history of hearing loss in our family). Then I signed a form.

They told me that I could wheel Maya in her crib back to the recovery room. "Awesome" I said, "so when do I bring her back here?" With a laugh, the woman in the nursery said "Oh, hon -- she's all yours. You get to keep her. There are no returns allowed."

What a moment. So I stopped in the hallway and took this video (visit the blog to see the video)

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Florida Grandma said...

Maya, I'm gonna grab you right through the computer screen and hold you forever. You are so precious and your daddy's smile makes me feel so good. Be good tonight honey and let them get a little sleep.
Love and kisses,
Your Florida Grandma