Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The mystery of "The Wanderer"

A few weeks ago, we received a mysterious package at the Douglas household. It was addressed to Maya and it was from a store in Maine.

We've received quite a few packages over the last few months, and with a newborn at home it can be hard to keep track of who sent us what. But this package was particularly vexing because it had no card inside or other indications. However, the package itself contained something very special: a Groundhog!

This is no ordinary Groundhog. This Groundhog is wearing a shirt with the words "The Wanderer." Is it possible that this is an anonymous gift from someone in Maine that knows Maya and I like Groundhogs? Was it meant as a gesture of salutation for little Maya on her first Groundhog Day? Or is this stuffed animal truly a vagabond that simply found its way to Natick?

Who are you, little Groundhog? Why were you sent to us? What is your mission? Do you come in peace to bring tidings of joy? Oh Wanderer, reveal your true nature to us! Who sent you?


Jason said...

I think the Wanderer wants to become an official member of the Natick Chapter of the Groundhog club.

I think he's traveled a long way for that honor!!!

Jason said...

...the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club that is! Just in case you got confused!