Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tables Turned: We visit Heather and Colin

Today was a wonderful day -- Jessica, Maya and I visited Colin and Heather and their new addition! Little, beautiful Miranda Rose was born one week ago on February 21, 2010. We were soooo excited to meet Miranda and she didn't disappoint. Seriously cute.

M&M were instant friends, just like their mommies. (Note to the Z's: calm down, this is Maya's female M friend)

It's pretty amazing that Maya used to be as small as Miranda. This is *totally* cliche, but it's true: I can't remember Maya being that small. But Jess assures me that she indeed was once only 6 pounds. One of the amazing things about Miranda is her big hands and feet! So we did the only natural thing: we compared feet! Watch this ridiculously cute video... and try not to smile...

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