Sunday, March 21, 2010

U.S. Patent No. 7643640

I left Bose Corporation in the fall of 2005. A few weeks ago, I received word that the patent we filed while I was at Bose has been approved for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Here's the official abstract. Check out the complete patent on the USPTO.

We invented some pretty cool software during my time at Bose. I'm happy to have a lasting memento of that time of my career.

U.S. Patent 7643640: System and Method for designing sound systems

The invention is directed to a display and method for conducting sound system design. The display is configured to simultaneously show a sound system model comprising both audio components and sound environment components, a plurality of parameters and a graphic representation of a calculated sound system performance attribute. In response to receiving input from the user and without any additional user intervention, the display re-displays a newly-calculated sound system performance attribute such as, for example, a graphic representation in the sound system model of a sound path associated with a user-selected reflected sound identifier. A processor also simulates, based on the sound system configuration, the sound performance that a user would expect to hear positioned in an identified listening position of the sound system model.

Inventors: Jorgensen; Morten (Southborough, MA), Monks; Michael C. (Acton, MA), Debettencourt; Lisa (Lowell, MA), Douglas; Matthew (Natick, MA), Birkle; Thomas (Boulder, CO), Ickler; Christopher B. (Sudbury, MA), Jacob; Kenneth Dylan (Framingham, MA) 

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