Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maya eats bananas

Up until now, we haven't had to really teach Maya much of anything. She took to sleeping like a champ (5 hours the first night we brought her home), and other than that, our role as parents has been everything you would expect. Until now.

Over the last week, we've been teaching Maya to eat. We started out with "rice cereal" (which for the record, doesn't look like cereal at all). Maya didn't really understand what to do, and most of it ended up on her bib. I tasted it, and I don't blame her. Not very yummy. So we moved on to bananas. And wow, she likes bananas! Within a few days Maya has figured out how to open her mouth when the spoon comes close, transfer the food from the front of her mouth to the back, and swallow -- it's been really amazing to watch the progression. During our feeding on Saturday, she started getting very vocal about eating, so we just had to record it for you all to see. Watch our little monkey eating her bananas! We're so proud.

(Note: if you are reading this in email, please visit the blog to view the video).


Unknown said...

Agh! She is so cute! She is making such happy noises! I love it. I love her.

Colin JT Woods said...

Mmmm meemmmmmmm mgheemmmmm mmmmmm!