Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maya eats yogurt... in her own way.

It's been very busy month for the Douglas family. This video was taken at the end of August and we are just posting it now. You will notice that Maya has a 'unique' way of enjoying her yogurt. Mmmm... blueberry yogurt.

(If you are reading this from an email, you can click here to see the video)

In the meantime, we have all been very well and very busy! Maya now has four teeth, arranged to make her look like a jack-o-lantern or a vampire depending upon your point of view. Just in time for Halloween! She is crawling and pulling to stand and much to her father's delight can make the gesture for 'touchdown!' on command. She is also becoming adept at waving hello and goodbye and although we don't think she understands what it means (although she soon will!), she loves shaking her head back and forth whenever we ask her a question.

This month we got to visit with lots of family and friends and it was great to see everyone. Maya went apple picking for the first time ever... I guess most everything she does at this point is for the first time ever, but anyway, she loved it. She especially liked using her two razor sharp bottom teeth to scrape away at an apple. Yum.

Next month will be filled with many important birthdays, Daddy's, Gramma's and Grampy's to name a few. Plus good old Halloween is coming and we'll be sure to post pics of THAT!

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