Monday, April 4, 2011

A tale of two Mayas

It's been a rough weekend in the Douglas house. Maya started getting sick on Friday, and by Saturday morning it was Armageddon. You name it, she had it... and it wasn't pretty. Saturday night was really tough for all of us with little sleep, and it's now Monday morning and Maya is out of daycare today but feeling better.

She started feeling better on Sunday evening. Consider the video below: this video was shot in two parts separated by only one hour. The first half of the video is how Maya had been acting for hours and hours: inconsolable, with bouts of hysteria (imagine that for hours on end, and you'll know what our weekend was like). She hadn't eaten hardly anything all day, and we were concerned about dehydration. The second half shows how she's rebounding nicely. It was such a relief to see her eating and drinking again.

So here it is: a tale of two Mayas (click here to watch the video if you got this blog by email):


Unknown said...

She wasn't sick. It was that black shirt with the skeleton on it that made her cry. When you changed her top, she became happy!!!

You never know.

Unknown said...

It was dad who wrote that post, not Linda, but it was from her account since she was signed in.