Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Mouse in the House

This past Tuesday night, in the middle of my deep sleep, I was awoken by the sounds of our normally sleepy cats running up and down the upstairs hallway. Jessie (in her pregnant and uncomfortable state) was also awake. After a few moments of haze, I realize that Jess is telling me that she thinks there is a mouse in the closet. Armed with a flashlight, I look for a mouse in the closet. I find nothing. I spent the next ten minutes searching under the bed and behind the dresser for a mouse. Nothing. Instead, I convince Jess that the mouse must be in the walls. Somewhat ameliorated, Jess goes back to bed.

Fast forward to the next night (Wed). I'm downstairs working when I hear Jess scream from upstairs. As I rush upstairs, she's telling me, "Mouse! Mouse! It ran across my feet!!" So, once again I start searching for the mouse. No luck. Half an hour later (back downstairs,) our cat Hadley started chasing something behind my computer bag. And here is how it all ended....

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