Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And now, a word from Jessie

By popular demand, here's a video of La Prega herself. Before you watch this video, consider how it must feel to carry around a 20 pound gallon of water around your waist all day -- after not sleeping much the night before. However, as you'll see, Jessie is doing great and still has her signature smile and spark. If you enjoy this video, I hope you'll leave a comment for Jessie on this blog post.

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Colin JT Woods said...

You're beautiful Ja! And a good sport... leave it to Matt to try to undress you on camera; he just can't get enough!
8 weeks left sort of freaked me out! Coming fast!

The Anderson's said...

Jess you look great! I know it seems to be going by so slow but before you know it that day will be here...trust me, they do come out...eventually!


Shannon said...

Any day now!!!! Just caught up on my DouglasFamily blog reading. You look gorgeous! Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow and sending you lots of healthy vibes for a speedy delivery. Can't wait to hear the news! Very soon you'll both be snuggling with your little one!