Monday, November 30, 2009

Gifts from friends and family

One of the wonderful things about the past five days is the gifts that we've received from friends and family. We were in the hospital for four full days (and it felt more like 10 days to me). At the hospital, friends brought us bread and cheese (thanks Lizzie), small pies for Thanksgiving (thanks Amanda & Steve), outfits for Maya (thanks Mark & Rita and Lizzie), assorted candy (thanks Dan), and beautiful flowers (thanks Amanda, Steve, & Nora).

While we were at the hospital Laurie,Emma and Dan took care of our two cats and puppy. It was a huge relief to know that they were cared for. Dan runs a pet care company in Newton, and Roxxee took up one of his coveted spots from Tuesday to Sunday. Many beers are coming your way, Dan.

We had personal visits at the hospital from Ellen, Kathy, Adrienne, Ryan, Lizzie, Amanda, Steve, Mark, Rita, Dan, Nora, Suzie, Andy, Susan, Connor, Walker, Grandma -- and we did videochat with a few of my brothers. Their presence was our present -- and I really mean that. Many others wanted to visit, and we can't wait to have them all meet Maya at home.

Since we've been home, we've gotten gifts from Laurie, Nora (awesome pot pie), and a beautiful fruit basket from Bob & Matt. Countless other people have offered to bring us food or help out with pet care. I've received many emails offering help with grocery shopping and other household chores. It feels great to have such a wonderful group of people supporting us as we figure out how to adjust to our new life.

If you're one of the people who has offered to bring something to us or help us this week, we really appreciate your kind offers. We feel honored and touched for your generosity. Thank you.

And if you're one of the people who have emailed or called with an offer to help: here's what I told a friend of mine the other day who wanted to send us something. I said, "don't send food now (we can only eat so much!), but put us on your calendar for three or four months from now. By then, we'll be really overwhelmed with day to day life and a surprise meal or flowers will be just what we need."

Maya appreciates all of the gifts and the flowers especially. This is what she thinks of the pink flowers from Bob & Matt.

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