Friday, May 28, 2010

Maya is a half! (6 months, that is)

On May 25th Maya turned a half. So, we though we'd take a moment and give you an update about her 'does' and 'does not's.

DOES: eat. Pureed fruits and veggies mostly. She is a big fan of bananas as you may have seen from a previous post. However, she shares the same genetic aversion to peas as her dad.

DOES NOT: have teeth. Although her jaw strength is phenomenal and she has had a few episodes inconsolable crying which was only solved by chewing on a cold wash cloth, still no pearly whites for this little one. Her mom didn't get her first tooth until 11 months, so maybe she will be like her mom. She has learned that chewing on her own feet is a fun hobby!DOES: Enjoy celebrating holidays. If you follow MyPunchbowl on Facebook, you may have seen her as the spokesmodel for National Wear Two Different Shoes Day. More recently she has celebrated Kentucky Derby Day (big hat included) and of course, Cinco de 'Maya'!

DOES NOT: Enjoy direct sunlight. This girl's gotta wear shades.

DOES: Get regular exercise. Let's get physical, physical! Plus, the accessories for working out are pretty cool.

DOES NOT: Have many hair options yet. So far, she has Cindy-Lou Who, Snork, Unicorn and Shark

DOES: Have a great smile and laugh that she loves to show off. Here are a few select smiley moments.

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Colin JT Woods said...

For she's a jolly good baby!