Sunday, August 8, 2010

Maya's First Daycare Report Card

Maya recently received her first report card -- from daycare! We were so amused, that we thought we would share.

Maya Douglas Infant Evaluation, July 2010

Maya is such a pleasure to have in the infant classroom. She has grown so much since her start here.  She is now able to sit up on her own and is learning how to crawl.  She is growing so much every day and it is wonderful to see.
            Maya is a very energetic and happy girl with a huge personality.  She responds to her name when called and is aware of the other children as well as her other surroundings.  She engages in group activities such as circle time and is also able to play independently.  Her social development has expanded quickly!  When Maya is in the classroom she enjoys art projects and sensory experiences such as finger painting.  She is able to express her emotions very well with facial expressions, which makes it easy for her teachers to determine her likes and dislikes.  She responds well to music by dancing and laughing.  She has good control over her body and likes to be in the center of the action.           
            Maya does well with drinking her bottles and transitioned very nicely to jar food.  She is also starting to become interested in watching the older children eat their finger foods.  She is starting to get around on her own by reaching for objects that catch her interest and pulling herself towards them.  She is very vocal which indicates she is expressing herself and will soon be trying to use real words.  We are very excited to see Maya continuing to grow and watch her personality expand as well!  We hope to see her crawling around and starting to pull up on her own very soon.

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